Monday, January 18, 2010

Last peek of my cubcle before packing.....

ADSC09451, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

It's been one month since I quit my day job as a researcher at the Judicial Council of California. I finally get a chance to unpack and reflect on my experience now that the holiday sales and wholesale orders are winding down in January. I have been in the academic and research agency and government for the past 14 years ( I was in school for 8 years getting 2 masters and one doctorate degrees). I am entering a new field without any formal training. It feels safer to have proper "school education" for what you do. That's my upbrining in Taiwan. You study hard and you get good scores at every entrance exams and then you get a good job. What we have never been taught is to explore our interests and passions in life. It's never too late though so I am "re-educating" myself, street style this time. I will be the jewelry desiger, marketing reseracher, account, public relations agent, crafter and entrepreneur all at the same time with the help from the internet, from local community college, from artist forum, and from those wonderful peers at Etsy community. I feel so alive now. That's how I feel.


  1. Congrats Sora! How exciting to be taking this leap!

  2. Hello Soro, my name is shray. I am a professional sculpture. I was even so lucky, in following my dreams. That I won an olympic award from 2008 china Olympics for art. I have seen many dreams of others , many stories told to me in all these 30 years of doing art.

    I would like to congratulate you.
    You have not only found your dream, and a way to follow it. Your story is full of such harmony with life, so calm and trusty in the kindness of the world and fate .
    it will become a great gift of freedom for others as well. dreaming, and it being answered,
    I hope someday to make jewelry , to share with people my love of art and life . So you have helped me, thank you for that gift. To believe.
    I am so happy you now know the freedom of being an artist. How splendid it feels...

    In 30 years of doing this, it has been hard sometimes to remember this
    good luck, stay in touch if you would like or even have the time… have fun, fly with your heart, it is a real blessing to have that feeling of freedom. shray

    January 17, 2011 1:43 AM