Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A crafter by the light of the moon

ADSC09113, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

Hey, I was probably working on your orders. It may look like hard work to you. But don't you worry, I enjoyed every second of it.

the new earring stands

ADSC00019, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

Due to the space issue, I had to get new earring stands just for this show. Luckily I found something I like at the Urban Outfitter. I like the aqua colors that goes with my background fabrics.

Pool Trade Show Las Vegas

P1070242, originally uploaded by kabakaban.

Naoko from Kabakaban took the photo for me. It was over 100 degrees in Las Vegas in August. The cash and carry section was a steal comparing to the bigger booths. I got a lot of orders that I am still working on them.

the energetic Solano Stroll

ADSC09176, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

Watching parade while paddling my goodies. Tomi enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, everyone enjoyed it.

Solano Stroll in North Berkeley

ADSC09268, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

It was cloudy even it's still early September. I was wearing my favorite Sunny Skies Ahead necklace. It rained at the end of the show and everything got soaking wet! However, it was still a great show for me. Thanks for everyone coming.