Thursday, October 30, 2008

Indie Mart at Thee Parkside

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Jamie and I signed up for our second show at the Indie Mart this October. Over 70 vendors offering everything from locally made tees, vintage, handmade unique gears for men and women, & the lil’ ones and more. Notice the antique dress form on the left side of the photo? It's my best find from the Craigslist for $20. Perfect for displaying jewelry and tote bags.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Work Space

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This is where I create my jewelry pieces and note cards -- our formal dining room. The great thing about this space is that the table is huge. The downside of it is that my tools and materials are all over the places. This room does not get enough sunlight in the afternoon so I will be working on transforming one of the upstair bedrooms into my workshop this winter.

An entreprenur in the making

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Little Tomi tagged along to the fair. He enjoyed the weather and the performace in the park. Tomi did not fuss at all all day long. He loved people watching and of course, the Hershey's kisses we put out.

Vintage and Recreated-Vintage Button Earrings

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My hubby took incredible photos, didn't he? Harlen likes to play with color and light and he is one of the most talented person I have ever seen. Thought sometimes I called him "guai mao" ("hard to please" in Mandarin). I guess being an engineer and an artist, he likes to see everything he touches being perfect. BTW, those earrings were a hit at this event.

A bowl of rings

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People commented on how geneious it is to display rings on top of the rice.

Jamie and Wen Creations

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My co-worker and friend Jamie is an amazing seamstress. She told me about this event and we just clicked. She is going to set up her Etsy shop soon. Lucky you.

Expo for the Independent Arts at the Dolores Park, San Francisco

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I can’t even remember how my Etsy shop started ( Crafting has been in my gene ever since I am in this world. However, I have never tried to sell anything I created. There were not a lot of craft fairs in Taiwan where I spent my first 22 years. When I moved to the U.S. for my graduate study I was fascinated with all different craft fairs or festivals held throughout the year. I enjoyed browsing one booth after another admiring the works being displayed. Here I am— holding my first ever booth for things that I have created. I am speechless --- and yes, some sleepless nights before this big event.