Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A crafter by the light of the moon

ADSC09113, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

Hey, I was probably working on your orders. It may look like hard work to you. But don't you worry, I enjoyed every second of it.

the new earring stands

ADSC00019, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

Due to the space issue, I had to get new earring stands just for this show. Luckily I found something I like at the Urban Outfitter. I like the aqua colors that goes with my background fabrics.

Pool Trade Show Las Vegas

P1070242, originally uploaded by kabakaban.

Naoko from Kabakaban took the photo for me. It was over 100 degrees in Las Vegas in August. The cash and carry section was a steal comparing to the bigger booths. I got a lot of orders that I am still working on them.

the energetic Solano Stroll

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Watching parade while paddling my goodies. Tomi enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, everyone enjoyed it.

Solano Stroll in North Berkeley

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It was cloudy even it's still early September. I was wearing my favorite Sunny Skies Ahead necklace. It rained at the end of the show and everything got soaking wet! However, it was still a great show for me. Thanks for everyone coming.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1000 sale party

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As I promised Madeline and Fiorina (my 2 nieces visiting us from Taiwan) that we would throw a party when Sora Designs reached 1000 sale, we had our party on August 2 (when it was still 999 sales). It looks like a Halloween costume party. It felt great that my families can be with me to celebrate this moment.

Sora Designs 1000 Sales!

A_soradesigns_sold_1000th_2, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

I sold my first item on October 6th, 2008 and 10 months later, Sora Designs reached 1000 sales in Etsy. (More than 1000 items were made due to custom made bridesmaids pieces). If counting wholesales and consignments and street fairs, it's probably more than 1400 items, I don't know.) That's a lot considering each item was made by my 2 bare hands.

When I brought more pieces to the MOCFA (Museum of Craft and Folk Art) yesterday, the store manager told me that a guy came in and bought a pair of my earrings to propose to his girlfriend. I was really touched. I was also extremely satisfied when the customer told me that they wore my necklace at their wedding days or that their bridesmaids love the necklaces that I made. This is what keep me up at night or up early working because I know what I do really means a lot to my customer.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sora Designs at the Renegade

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First time at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. My sister and her two daughters came all the way from Taiwan to join us. This is also the first I am vending with a hand made banner (see at the righ hand side of the photo). I hand cut each letter using the same fabric as my table cloth and machine stitched each letter.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I should've kept it for myself.......

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this is how it looks like on a model (me). I like it on a purple dress.

Fall collection

Copy of ADSC05364, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

This is OOAK necklace that I assembled using vintage emameled flower components with turquoise beads. It was snapped within the first hour of display at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. Too bad I could't list it in the Etsy to show everyone how cute it is.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend Deals June 26-28

HEY, this Tweet Tweet vintage whistle necklace is being featured at the Weekend Deals: Summer Jewlery guide ( My shop is running 10% discount any purchases this weekend including the SALE section. I do not know how many people will come across my blog. So feel free to pass this deal around.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

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The most exciting news this Spring in my house is the new friends we have in our backyard-- a whole family of Chestnut-backed chickadees. We happend to capture the moment when 2 baby birds were waiting for their mommy to come back with yummy foods. The bird house was built a year ago among the bamboos but this is the first time that the bird house got utilized! We are looking forward when those baby birds are learning to fly.

My workshop 3 months later

ADSC01806, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

I promised to show the progress of my workshop after it was first created in February. Now here it is with all kinds of yummy treasures spreading out all over the table and shelfs, and drawers of drawers of beads and supplies.
Across from my table I can see a big oak tree from the window. That is the best part of this workshop.

Berkeley Earth Day

ADSC01701, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

I am so slow blogging about my daily life. Back in late April, I did my first outdoor craft fair this year in Berkeley. Sort of a kick off to a series fairs that I am going to do in 2009. The photos show my new display with Sempe' s illustration as a background to showcase my major pieces. It happens that Dalai Lama was there to give a speech in the neighborhood and I got to see him in distance! How exciting.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy March - Part II

This happened almost at the same time as "Sora Designs Historical Day". The store manager at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco convoed me about carrying my pieces at the museum store in downtown San Francisco. How did she find me? She bought my Sunny Skies Ahead necklace in orange in February and the staff loved it so much. She wanted my items in the store in time for the opening reception of their new installment "Inside/Outside-- Artist Environment" so again I sweatshop for a whole weekend. This is exactly why I named my blog title "Busy March". I was up early every morning so I could finish a couple items before I left for work for 2 straight weeks. I still managed to pick up Tomi on time and cooked dinner every night though (well, almost every nights :-) ) Of course I couldn't do this without the support from Harlen, my photographer and "significant others" (see how I think of him as photographer first and partner 2nd, man, I was so addicted to my Etsy shop now.....)

Sunny Skies Ahead Necklace in Orange beaded flower - the necklace that got me into the Museum Store

All these 5 items are "MINE". They take charge of the whole display window.

First Light Necklace was also featured in the Museum Store


Alley of Imagination Necklace - the most popular item-- 3 has been sold at the Museum in less than one month.

"Artist's name tag" I did not make this whole thing up. My name is in the display window. Though I wish they could show "Sora Designs" on the name tag too......

The night at the opening reception of the new installement and Sora Designs' debute at the MOCFA museum store.
Link to MOCFA :

Busy March -Part I

A week after my record sale at the Noise Pop N' Shop event in San Francisco, one of my items was featured at Etsy's "Etsy Finds: Weekend Deals, Jewelry Fit for Spring " posting on March 6th. It was really something to be featured in a posting that was going out to millions of people (okay, maybe not millions, but it's almost there). My shop was being viewed about 2444 times in a single day and I had a total of 102 sales during that whole weekend. I spent that Friday just re-listing and responding to convos then spent another couple hours just printing out a stack of orders and shipping labels (BTW, I took a Personal Day off that Friday without knowing that my item would be featured). It's very encouraging to know that so many people recognize my designs and craftsmanship.

This is the ring that got featured at the "Etsy Finds: Jewelry Fit for Spring ". Still available at shop now for $18

Here is the link to the original posting.

A screen shot of the Google Analytics showing a huge spike in number of views on March 6th. A historical day for Sora Designs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My New Studio

Possibilities are as open as the sky.... I will be dreaming, designing, creating, playing in this new space. It took Harlen 3 weekends (one weekend is for design and shop for the materials, the other 2 weekends are dedicated to lots of drilling and assembling). Tomi is just as thrilled as I am when we are working/playing in our new space. I sure will spend lots of time here in 2009.