Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy March - Part II

This happened almost at the same time as "Sora Designs Historical Day". The store manager at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco convoed me about carrying my pieces at the museum store in downtown San Francisco. How did she find me? She bought my Sunny Skies Ahead necklace in orange in February and the staff loved it so much. She wanted my items in the store in time for the opening reception of their new installment "Inside/Outside-- Artist Environment" so again I sweatshop for a whole weekend. This is exactly why I named my blog title "Busy March". I was up early every morning so I could finish a couple items before I left for work for 2 straight weeks. I still managed to pick up Tomi on time and cooked dinner every night though (well, almost every nights :-) ) Of course I couldn't do this without the support from Harlen, my photographer and "significant others" (see how I think of him as photographer first and partner 2nd, man, I was so addicted to my Etsy shop now.....)

Sunny Skies Ahead Necklace in Orange beaded flower - the necklace that got me into the Museum Store

All these 5 items are "MINE". They take charge of the whole display window.

First Light Necklace was also featured in the Museum Store


Alley of Imagination Necklace - the most popular item-- 3 has been sold at the Museum in less than one month.

"Artist's name tag" I did not make this whole thing up. My name is in the display window. Though I wish they could show "Sora Designs" on the name tag too......

The night at the opening reception of the new installement and Sora Designs' debute at the MOCFA museum store.
Link to MOCFA :

Busy March -Part I

A week after my record sale at the Noise Pop N' Shop event in San Francisco, one of my items was featured at Etsy's "Etsy Finds: Weekend Deals, Jewelry Fit for Spring " posting on March 6th. It was really something to be featured in a posting that was going out to millions of people (okay, maybe not millions, but it's almost there). My shop was being viewed about 2444 times in a single day and I had a total of 102 sales during that whole weekend. I spent that Friday just re-listing and responding to convos then spent another couple hours just printing out a stack of orders and shipping labels (BTW, I took a Personal Day off that Friday without knowing that my item would be featured). It's very encouraging to know that so many people recognize my designs and craftsmanship.

This is the ring that got featured at the "Etsy Finds: Jewelry Fit for Spring ". Still available at shop now for $18

Here is the link to the original posting.

A screen shot of the Google Analytics showing a huge spike in number of views on March 6th. A historical day for Sora Designs.