Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy March -Part I

A week after my record sale at the Noise Pop N' Shop event in San Francisco, one of my items was featured at Etsy's "Etsy Finds: Weekend Deals, Jewelry Fit for Spring " posting on March 6th. It was really something to be featured in a posting that was going out to millions of people (okay, maybe not millions, but it's almost there). My shop was being viewed about 2444 times in a single day and I had a total of 102 sales during that whole weekend. I spent that Friday just re-listing and responding to convos then spent another couple hours just printing out a stack of orders and shipping labels (BTW, I took a Personal Day off that Friday without knowing that my item would be featured). It's very encouraging to know that so many people recognize my designs and craftsmanship.

This is the ring that got featured at the "Etsy Finds: Jewelry Fit for Spring ". Still available at shop now for $18

Here is the link to the original posting.

A screen shot of the Google Analytics showing a huge spike in number of views on March 6th. A historical day for Sora Designs.

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