Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wild Birds Flock to Me

ADSC02214, originally uploaded by tomi&tree.

this is how I got started. I was making birthday card for my friend with bird motif. She really liked it and encouraged me to make more and sell them. I made about 50 of them for my first street fairs. I sold 5! Obviously it is not the most popular items. I still like the designs though. Each card looks the same yet they are all different. I hand cut each bird from the past issues of Anthropologie catalogs (yes I collect the catalogs. they are so pretty). Then I arrange the birds based on their patterns and color on the card. I also hand carved a stamp (inkan in Japanese) in Kanji characters "SKY" (my shop's name) so I can stamp it on each card.

I am more thrilled when people bought the cards than when people bought the jewelry. Maybe I will use them for a wall art so I can look at them everyday.

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